This is a Digital Steel Tournament

This is a DartConnect Digital Steel Event.
ALL players MUST check-in with email BEFORE they can register for individual events.

What is Digital Steel?

Digital Steel enables players and fans to participate in steel tip events as never before. Checking-in to the tournament with an email, provides a unique identifier for each player, enabling DartConnect to track performance results and provide the following services:

  • Board Calls & Match Reports- Automatically Delivered directly to your inbox*
  • Board Call Listings- Personalize the board call page, so that it only shows YOUR name when it is time to report to the oche!
  • DCTV Match Listings- Follow live scoreboards from any where in the world
  • Fan Alerts- Sign up to receive an email notification, anytime your favorite player receives a board call

Ready to review results? DartConnect enables both players AND fans to review event progress as it occurs, in the manner they prefer:

  • Performance Leaderboard- look beyond the win/loss record and determine who has the best averages, ton %, high check out, and so much more
  • Bracket- Who beat who, and how did they get there?
  • Result Summary- Just looking for the bottom line? A succinct list of the top finishers for each event

* Email notifications are provided as a convenience, and their timelieness is dependent on a variety of factors, including wifi/cellular signal and email service provider.